Weave the dance on the floor of the breeze, enchant the day that too swiftly flees

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          When you get this card, there is danger of the notable ‘Binding Chains’ seen in the namesake animated show. The danger lies in being bound to hasty judgments and it foretells of capture from enchanting ideas.

             The Wind is Air, and in symbolism, it signifies ‘communication’. If you have received this card, there is profound significance to how one is getting through people, how one forwards their ideas, and receives them. It would do best if the information coming in gets duly noted, because whether you may know it or not, it is meaningful.

Past Card

Fixed situations getting opposed by the winds of change. These changes must have dropped in like a turbulent storm, or been carefully built up through slow surprising alterations. Traditional perspectives getting crushed and being replaced with more forward open-minded means. However it came, the querent won’t be able to help seeing their life/relationships as hostile or wondering why they are always on the receiving end of everything.

Future Card

“Wind’s in the east, a mist coming in
Like something is brewing and about to begin”

— Bert in Mary Poppins

Most likely you will find yourself making hasty expectations to others and on your own. It is meaningful to remember that each person has a certain attitude they show to perform well in a situation. What people show in a certain time might not be who they truly are. It will benefit you to delay from figuring out people/situations too quick, there might be more to them than how they make themselves seem.

Present Card

This should be an upbeat, refreshing time where progressive changes are happening in your life/relationships. The hype is heated, and the possibilities are exciting! Your ideas are flowing in freely. There is always something to talk about. Enjoyable times.

Significator Card*

If we look at astrology, we know that the Air Signs of the Zodiac are smart thinkers. They often appear calm and collected, can handle abstract reasoning well,  and turn cold when the balance is upset. The Windy people are used to being seen as progressive; always moving about from one state to another, whether it is their own personality or perspective, the way is ever-more forward and ever changing. Nothing is constant. At their best, they are exciting and enjoyable people to be around with.

Their true essence shows in the hype of gradual acceleration . Staying rooted to one boring place sounds appalling, and if they do get locked in, it affects the mental well-being making them seem like a remote cold draft in the harsh winters. If  you want The Windy person to become a summer breeze of cloudless skies, stir them up by stimulating their mental faculties! Gossip, trendy movies, or just the average repugnant morning news, talk ’em into it, suggest a drama!

*this is a card you pull after asking, “Who Am I?” 


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